Western History, Cowboys, and American Indians

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Art  Designs Studio – Craft, Carving, and Pyrography Patterns by Lora S Irish


American Indian Line Art Patterns by Lora S IrishSpirit Chiefs One
Focuses on the Native American Indian Full head dress pattern, Wolf Spirit Guide, Bear Spirit Guide, Wolf and Fire Scene, Bull Skull Pattern, Feather Accent Design, and Animal Fetishes.


American Indian Chief Line Art Patterns by Lora S IrishSpirit Chiefs Two
Focuses on the Native American including Eagle Spirit Guide, Buffalo Portrait, Plains Buffalo Scene Buffalo Spirit Guide, Dream Catcher, Feather Accent Design, Animal Fetishes.


Western stage coach and bandit pattern by L S IrishWestward Ho! Package
5 Large Patterns including Large Stagecoach Mantel, End of the Trail, Covered Wagon, Pony Express Rider, Gold Miner Scene, Cattle Brands Layouts



western horse, cowboy patterns by Lora S IrishWestern Horses Package
6 Large Patterns including Horse Line Mantel, Horse Rail Scene, The Range Rider, Saddle Scene, Bronco Rider, and Spurs Tack Box Trim, Cattle Brands Layouts



Elk Patterns by L S IrishElk
Proud and beautiful with their full racks and thick manes, Elk are a favorite carving theme. This pack contains twelve large patterns for the Elk/Wapiti with a sampling of American Indian artifacts.


Mule Deer and White Tail Deer Craft PatternsMule Deer and White Tail
This pattern package contains both Mule Deer and White Tails plus a sampling of American Indian Totem Poles and Arrow Heads as a backdrop for your scene. There are four large plaque designs included with the pattern package.


cp072_150Fighting Bucks
The autumn air is filled with the sound of challenges as the males square off to battle for the right to win the does. This pattern package contains ten dramatic and active scenes of North America’s favorite large mammals.


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