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Art Designs Studio, Line Art Patterns by Lora S Irish


Wood and Applique Quilt Square Patterns by Lora S IrishWood Quilt Squares
This is a perfect pattern package for the new carver that wants a little bit of everything or for the Wood Carving Club that wants to create a Wood Quilt. The package contains 50 patterns all worked to print at 4″ x 4″.


Proud to be an American Patterns by Lora S IrishProud to be an American
Featuring 16 different patriotic designs, this package includes American Bald Eagles, US Flag, Lady Liberty, the Classic Uncle Sam and much more. Note that one the large Eagle and Flag plaque there are guidelines added to use your favorite slogan.


American Bald Eagle Mantel Patterns by Lora S IrishAmericana Eagle Mantel
The Americana Eagle Pattern Package contains three different large patterns. Highly detailed feather work and flowing lines will make this package great for any craft.



North American Favorite Birds and Eagles Patterns by Lora S IrishFavorite Birds
Quail, Ringed Neck Pheasant, Turkey, Hawk, Ruffled Owl, Cardinal, Blue Jay, Robin, Rooster, Eagle in Flight, and two classic sign style eagles.



American Indian Line Art Patterns by Lora S IrishSpirit Chiefs One
Focuses on the Native American Indian Full head dress pattern, Wolf Spirit Guide, Bear Spirit Guide, Wolf and Fire Scene, Bull Skull Pattern, Feather Accent Design, and Animal Fetishes.


American Indian Chief Line Art Patterns by Lora S IrishSpirit Chiefs Two
Focuses on the Native American including Eagle Spirit Guide, Buffalo Portrait, Plains Buffalo Scene Buffalo Spirit Guide, Dream Catcher, Feather Accent Design, Animal Fetishes.


Line Art Craft, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Carving Patterns by Lora S Irish
Wood Carving – Wood Burning – Wood Working – Wood Painting – Gunstock Carving
Glass Etching – Leather Work – Laser Carving – Metal Work – Scrimshaw
Power Carving – Intarsia – Scroll Sawing – Engraving – Paper Cutting
Quilt Applique – Scrapbooking – Paper Crafts – Colored Pencil Art
CNC Applications – Plasma Cutting – Stained Glass – Gourd Carving – Egg Carving

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