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Art Designs Studio, Craft, Carving & Pyrography Patterns by Lora S Irish


country farm scene landscape patterns by Lora S IrishCountry Living Mantels Pattern Package
Features two large (10.5″ x 24″) landscape mantel designs. Plus four large individual landscape patterns with pencil drawings.



relief wood  carving landscapes by L S IrishLandscape
This is a wonderful theme packet that focuses on the country landscape. Sixteen individual patterns covering a wide variety of topics including barns, barn complexes, spring houses, water mills, country churches, and even lighthouses.



carving and pyrography patterns by L S IrishSailing Ships and Lighthouses
This wood carving pattern package contains fifteen large designs the include sailing ships, harbor scenes, and lighthouse seascapes. Each pattern is shown fully detailed with shading to guide you in the depth carving. Most designs are given in the package a second time as outline patterns.


woodspirit patterns by IrishFun Wood Spirits and Greenmen
Seven Wood Spirits and Greenmen make up this package. Each is shown as outline patterns for both front facing and profile carving of the face. This package also includes the detailed pencil drawings for each outline pattern. That’s fourteen patterns with fourteen matching drawings! A perfect pack for wood burning.


grape patterns by Lora S IrishGrape Patterns
Perhaps the most popular carving design throughout the centuries has been the grape cluster. Used to accent furniture, pottery, and frescos this design theme lends itself to easy to carve decoration.



apple, pear, peach, and cherry patterns by Lora S IrishMixed Fruit Patterns
This wood carving pattern package contains very classic, realistic fruit designs. You will find a wide range of ideas from very simple single fruit images to mixed assortments.




Art Designs Studio, Craft, Carving & Pyrography Patterns by Lora S Irish
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