Lines, Corners, and Finials Pattern Packs

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Art Designs Stduio, Craft & Carving Patterns by Lora S Irish


flower lines and border patterns by Lora S Irish
Wood Flower Lines
16 Lora S. Irish wood flower patterns worked as border and wide line layout; great for wood burning, quilt applique, fabric painting. Worked from historical and Victorian architecture.


repetitive flower and bird patterns by Lora S Irish Flower Panels and Border Designs
This Wood Carving and Craft Patterns Packages is based on those wonderful wallpaper designs that repeat to create a long flowing border. Each design is made to interlock with itself so you can have one design that will reach around a box or up a door without breaks.


flower corner patterns by Lora S IrishFloral Corners
Eighteen different floral corners including Oriental Poppies, Cottage Roses, Wild Roses, Rembrandt Tulips, and more.



Garlands, border, corner line art patterns by Lora S IrishGarlands and Cameos
In our Garlands and Cameo pattern pack the swag or garland designs are created in a swooping curve as if they were
draped across the front of your wood work. These long swooping patterns are perfect for jewelry boxes, hope chests, and coat hanger plaques.


traditional craft and carving patterns by IrishTraditional
No carving library is complete without the classic leaf and line designs used throughout traditional work. This packet gives you a variety of ideas and themes to use on any carving project. This packet includes leaf lines, flower, corner accents, frames, borders, and oak images. Great for Wood Burning!


gargoyle, dragon, griffin corner patterns by Lora S IrishMythological Corners
This pattern package includes fifteen different pages of patterns for your use. Each page includes a Roman/Greek border design plus a Zoomorphic corner keeper. Use either to border or corner keeper alone or mix and match for your latest project.


furniture, high boy shell patterns by Lora S IrishClassic Shells
A wonderful selection of the most traditional design carved on furniture projects. The shell pattern has been used for accenting cabinet cornices, table aprons, highboy chests, and hutch tops since the Renaissance began in the 1450’s.


decorative corner patterns by Lora S IrishTriangle Designs
Just about everyone comes to need a pattern the ‘fits into the corner’ of the work. This package has a large assortment of ideas just for that type of design.


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