Animal and Wildlife Pattern Packs

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Art Designs Studio, Line art craft and carving patterns by Lora S Irish.


Assorted Horse Line Art Patterns by Lora S IrishAssorted Horses
Horses have been a favorite carving theme for generations and our Assorted Horse Package offers you a chance to join the carving fun of this wonderful animal.



Backyard Animals and Wildlife Patterns by Lora S IrishBackyard Critters
Enjoy twelve large patterns that feature some of our most favorite and familiar backyard neighbors. Plus there are two tall panel landscape designs with deer.



North American Wild Cats by Lora S IrishNorth American Big Cats
What could be more wonderful to carve or wood burn that the large cats that are native to North America. Their flowing movements and intense poses are captured in dramatic scenes.


African Wild Lions and Animal Patterns by Lora S IrishAfrican Big Cats and Animals
Beautiful big cats make up this pattern package. Enjoy wood carving lions, panthers, and cheetahs. Plus we have added some giraffes and elephants to round out your safari to African carving scenes.


Sea Life, Dolphins, Whales Patterns by Lora S IrishSea Life
Sixteen detailed drawing/patterns plus a four piece panel make up this Sea Life Wood Carving Pattern Package. You will discover whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and shore birds ideas ready for your woodworking pleasure.


Hens, Roosters, Chicken Line Art Patterns by Lora S IrishHens and Roosters
The fascination that artists have with Chickens is so understandable considering they offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the beautiful flowing feathers, bright colors, and lots of texture. This pattern package called Hens and Roosters contains both stylized birds and realistic studies, plus the classic Weather Vane Rooster pattern is included.

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