Coloring Book Quilt – Free Patterns

That perfect quilt square is easily in reach if you have
just a yard or so of muslin, permanent marking pens,
crayons, fabric paints, or even silk ribbon …
and pattern packs.

Sample worked from CP140 Henna Tattoo 2 Pattern Package
Also see CP139 Henna Tattoo 1 Pattern Package
Also see CP090 Wood Quilt Squares Pattern Package

Can’t find that exact fabric pattern that you are craving?
Can’t find it in the exact colors that you need for your latest quilting project?
No problem … color your own!

Coloring Book Quilt Ideas

I chose Henna Tattoos for my table runner Coloring Book Quilt.  But any idea goes – wildlife, Celtic, dragons, steam punk. has over 140 pattern packs full of ideas, ready for you to download today.


1. Piece your quilt squares using muslin where you want your coloring Book design.

2.  Press well so that you are tracing on a flat surface.

3. Print one copy of your chosen pattern using your computer printer.


Coloring Book Quilt Ideas

4.  Place your pattern on your light box.  Trace over the outlines with a fine point permanent marking pen of black, gray, or dark brown.

5.  Iron well to set the outline color.


Coloring Book Quilt IdeasClick for a full sized, printable image.

6.  Set up your coloring kit next to your favorite chair in the living room.  Turn on your current ‘binge-watching’ TV program.  Relax, have fun, and color away.

You can use fabric pens, permanent marking pens, crayons, acrylic paint, and of course, fabric dye.  Also consider beads, silk ribbon embroidery, lace, and buttons.

Allow the large-area base coats to dry before you add the detail lines to avoid bleeding.  Set the colors with a hot iron after you are done.


Doodle Day #2, Lora Irish Morgue Files

Doodle Day #2 – Christmas Tree Star Tags

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Yesterday I showed you one of my Christmas Tree Star tags that inspired this morgue file project for me.

free Lora Irish Pattern to downloadSupplies that I used:

Fine Point Black Markers

240 Colored Gel Pens Assortment

Brown Kraft Board Star Tags

Document Cleaning Pad

Acrylic Clear Glue Double Tip Tube

Gold, Silver, and Red Glitter Glue

4″ x 10 yard Burlap Ribbon

Colored Paper Twine, 12 pack

Raffia Ribbon, 218 yards

Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks


Step 1:  You can trace one of the free doodle patterns that I will be posting this month onto your kraft star tag.  Begin by printing a copy of the pattern.  Cut out the pattern, allowing about 1/4″ to 3/8″ margins.  Rub a Soft, #2 to #4 pencil, all over the back of the pattern paper.  Lay the pattern, face up, onto your star.  With the soft pencil trace along the outlines.  When you lift the pattern paper, the graphite from the pencil rubbing will leave a grey trace line on the kraft tag.

After you have finished the pen and ink work and adding any coloring, and allowed the ink to dry well, use a document cleaning pad to erase any remaining graphite lines from your star tag.



free pyrography patterns
Free Doodle Pattern 004

Step 2:  Use the fine point, black marking pen to create the lines of your doodle design.  Rework some areas of the lines with a second layer of black pen to create a ‘thick and thin’ effect – this adds interest to the line work.  Let the pen ink dry for at least 10 minutes before you begin the coloring steps.






Step 3:  Clean the tag with your document cleaning pad by gently rubbing the pad over the tag.  The pad is filled with finely ground eraser particles and will neatly clean any remaining graphite marks.

Step 4:  Add any coloring that you want using the gel pens.  You can also use colored marking pens, colored pencils, and even watercolor paint to accent the doodle pattern with just a touch of bright color.  Allow to dry.

Step 5:  Using acrylic glue, apply one line of glue along the edge of the star tag on the back side of the tag.  Lay the tag onto the burlap ribbon.  Weight the tag down against the ribbon with a heavy book.  Allow to dry for at least one-half hour.


Free Doodle Pattern 005

Step 6:  Cut the burlap 1/4″ to 3/8″ away from the edge of the star tag to create a fabric frame.  You can tease a few strands of burlap off to make a ragged edge.  Turn the burlap-back tag face down onto a piece of wax paper.  Run a thin line of acrylic glue along the outer edge of the burlap to stop any further raveling of the fibers.  Let the glue dry for at least one-half hour.

Step 7:  Run a thin line of hot glue along the outer edge of the tag, on the burlap back.  Begin by allowing a 4″ tail of paper twine string before you begin gluing.  Gently press your paper twin string onto the glue.  This covers the joint line between the tag and burlap, while framing the tag area.  Work one straight side of the star tag at a time.  This will let you easily make the sharp inside corners crisp.  Cut the paper twine string 4″ away from the tag, when you have glue the entire outer edge of the tag.  Tie the two paper twine ends together, once close to the tag and once at the end of the strings to create your hanging loop.

Free Doodle pattern 006

Step 8:  To add that extra holiday sparkle, use glitter glue in the design area.  Let the glitter glue dry completely and your star tag is ready to hand.

See you tomorrow, thanks for reading ~ Lora Irish






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