Basics to Painting

Susan posted an in-depth look at the basics techniques used in painting wood carvings, wood burnings, gourds, and general wood crafts here on our blog.

This in depth, step by step, how to paint your craft project includes working with oil paints and acrylics as antiquing colors, dry brushing, china painting with acrylics, marbling, and simple painting techniques.

So please stop by Basics to Painting and all of its step-by-step projects.



Relief Canada Goose Free Online Seminar

lsirish-relief-gooseIn this four part lesson Lora S. Irish teaches a free online wood carving and pyrography project which will take you through the steps of preparing your basswood plaque, tracing the pattern, working in levels and layers in relief carving, basic steps to rough out carving, how to shape and detail your wood elements.  To add fine detailing and to clean the high relief undercuts learn how to use a wood burning tools in your carving.   This Flying Canada Goose free project we will focus on how to color your wood carving projects using acrylic craft paints, including primer coats, dry brushing, and using an oil stain on basswood.

This project by L. S. Irish includes a free download line art carving pattern for the Canada Goose.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Introduction

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part One 

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Two

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Three

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Four

New Tutorials Posted

We have new step by step projects and tutorials posted.

In Pyrography:
Planning or mapping your burning layers
Pyrography, Working in Layers
misc_tools_sliderulerSimple Pyrography Shading
Pyrography Steps for Portrait Burning
Cougar Pryography Project

In Coloring Your Projects:
Dry Brushing in Coloring Your Projects

In Wood Carving:
Chip Carving in Wood Carving Projects
Determining the Depth of your Levels
Carving Session Preparation
Background Treatments for your Relief Carving

In Paper Crafting:

Celtic Bird Paper Bag
Scroll Trimmed Backgammon Board


New Books

Arts and Crafts Pyrography

Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and BAM

Lora S. Irish’s newest book, Arts and Crafts Pyrography, focuses on the wide variety of surface that you can use in your wood burning – leather, paper, gourds, fabric, and wood.

Although it is often referred to as woodburning, the art of pyrography can be worked on just about any natural surface, including gourds, leather, or cotton rag paper. Now Lora Irish, the author of the bestselling Great Book of Woodburning, offers thirty-five amazingly detailed new projects that explore the craft of pyrography across the full range of inventive pyro media.

Welcome to My New Website

Visit our online line art pattern store at Art Designs Studio.

Finally we are stepping forward into the Blog Age on the net. We want to thank you for stopping by and hope that you enjoy the tutorials! As a small welcome gift we have a free art deco styled line art pattern for your personal use in your craft.

As you will see we are just finishing getting your  favorite step-by-step free on line tutorials for wood carving, wood burning, and other great crafts posted. Over the next several weeks we will be adding more including tutorials on general crafting, scrap booking, quilting, scroll saw and art painting. If you have ideas or suggestions on what you would like to learn please take a moment and drop us a comment.


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