Mulberry Paper Collage for Wood Working

Collage is the art of using small scraps or pieces of paper, fiber, and printed material to create an image.  Its a favorite for scrap booking, altered art, and fine arts.  It can also be used for your wood and gourd crafts.

Supplies:  mulberry paper, rice paper, hand-crafted art paper, an acrylic based glue, a home computer printer, and a digital pattern. and are affiliates of  Your purchases through these links helps me to keep blog free for your fun.  Thank you for your support!

Mulberry and rice papers have little to no grain.  Instead they have a random fibrous base that allows the papers to bend, and adjust to the surface upon which they are applied. They are often semi-transparent which allows the media to show through the paper fibers – you don’t lose your wonderful wood grain of your basswood slab when you lay printed mulberry paper over top the surface.

Plus! They can be used with your home printer.  It is so much easier to print a complicated mandala pattern on art paper and then glue that paper to your board, then to try and trace each and every line of the design.

Acrylic-based glues and pastes keep the printed paper from becoming water saturated, which will cause the paper to buckle.  Try Yes! Glue, or PVA bookbinding acid-free glue instead of Elmore’s.

I have two new pattern packages on my pattern website, at, that are perfect for collage work.

I have also posted a new E-Project for creating a Mulberry Paper covered collage wood box, with step-by-step instructions.  Currently, July 13th, 2022, there is a Try It Before You Buy It free mandala pattern for the clock shown below posted on’s homepage.

This is a 1/2″ thick, end slab of basswood.  Sand the slab with 220-grit sandpaper and remove any dust.  Measure for the center point to create the 3/8″ hole needed for the clockworks.  Print your free pattern on Mulberry paper.  Use YES! glue with a palette knife on the back of the paper.  Center the mulberry printed pattern over the clock hole and with your fingers gently rub from the center out on the paper to remove any air bubbles.  Let the basswood collage slab dry overnight, then color your mandala with your favorite coloring agent – colored pencils, gel pens, watercolor crayons, soft pastels, and even watercolors.  Seal the finished clock with acrylic spray sealer … That’s it, quick, simple, and fun.


My new E-Project focuses on creating a collage covered wood craft box with a mandala design that flows over the top and sides of the box.You will learn:

how-to print the pattern to your art on mulberry paper,  rice paper, or hand-crafted art paper
how-to remove the pre-made box hardware
how-to measure the paper to fit the inside and outside of the box
how-to apply the acrylic-based YES! glue
how-to roll the paper over the sides of the box
how-to cut the lid free from the bottom
how-to create a secret inside lid trap door.


Of course, the E-Project covers basic instructions on using colored pencils to highlight your design.

Plus, there is a large, bonus, peony design, shown printed on medium-beige mulberry paper, ready for framing.

The new E-Project, Art Paper Mandala Collage E-Project, includes both mandala pattern packs – Mandala 1 Collage Patterns, and Mandala 2 Collage Patterns.  $14.95 for all.

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