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Wood Spirit and Greenman Carving and Wood Burning Patterns

Wood Spirit and Greenman Carving and Wood Burning Patterns

Colored Pencil Portraits, Adult Coloring

Adult Coloring Portraits E-Book
Exclusive Downloaded E-Book; 146 Page, 62 Patterns E-Project (.pdf Format)
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Greenman Leather Pyrography Bullet Journal
& Pyrography Greenman Purse




Lora Irish Carving PatternsFun Wood Spirits Pattern Pack
14 Line Art Patterns, 14 Shaded Drawings
Seven Wood Spirits and Greenmen make up this Large Pattern Package. Each is shown as outline patterns for both front facing and profile carving of the face. This package also includes the detailed pencil drawings for each outline pattern. That’s fourteen patterns with fourteen matching drawings! Great for Wood Burning & Pyrography!




Leaf Eaters & Greenmen Patterns
14 Line Art Patterns
The classic Medieval Greenman often had long stems and branches of thickly packed leaves coming from his open mouth or nose. Called Leaf Eaters, this pattern package includes fourteen traditional wood spirit and greenman designs that can be used for wood carving, laser engraving, and pyrography. Leafy corners and a new profile design are included.
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