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Shadow and light in pyrography

Light and Shadows in Pyrography

Shadow and light in pyrographyThe highlights, mid-tones, and shadows in a pyrography create the three dimensional impression of your wood burning.

As pyrographers we often use photographs as the bases for our wood burning projects. Home photos of family and friends, a landscape photo of an old hip roof barn, and pets playing with their favorite toy are all possibilities for realistic, finely shaded pyro burns.

Although a photograph accurately captures the scene or still life, our eye does not necessary see what the photo truly captures. Even a photo of a single tomato holds a vast amount of information on how your eye sees an object, how the light effects the tonal values of that object, and how color and shadow interact to create an image.

To share this lesson easily with you, I have created a free, 18 page, download PDF lesson.

Shadow and Light in Pyrography

*  Compare colors photos to their gray-scale images
*  Learn the basic terminology used by artist to describe light
*  Discover how to identify each area of highlights, mid-tones, and shadows
*  Explore black and white contrasts, adjacent mid-tones, and related tonal values
*  Determine how the brain interrupts an image seen by the eye
*  Compare color impact vs tonal value strength
*  Analyze how to create the widest range of tonal values
*  Enjoy two free L. S. Irish practice pyrography patterns

Lora Irish Wood Carving Patterns

August 2015 Happenings Around the Studio

Free Lora Irish Pyrography Project



free wood burning project by Lora IrishCeltic Knot Birds Postage Stamp Wood Burning Project
In-depth, step-by-step wood burning project

Free Postage Stamp Pyrography Project, Sponsored by Art Designs Studio:
Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4, and Page 5

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New Lora Irish Wood Carving Patterns



Lora Irish Wood Carving PatternsCP137 Sampler Pattern Package by Lora Irish

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New Lora Irish Pyrography Pattern Pack




Lora Irish Wood Carving PatternsPostage Stamp Pattern Package by Lora Irish
90 Line Art Patterns, featuring postage stamp frames, accents, and banners.
Celtic Knots, Wood Spirits, Greenmen, and Finished Sample Ideas

Another Lora Irish Exclusive Pattern Pack




Free Lora Irish pyrography Project PDF



free Lora Irish Pyrography Project PDFFree Lora Irish Pyrography Postage Stamp Project PDF

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