Canes and Walking Sticks

Adding a Leather String Grip to your Cane Carving

By L.S. Irish

When you carve a cane or walking stick each area of the work receives special attention for the final owner. You have carefully picked a theme or topic to carve, the type of wood you will be using, and even the length of the staff for it’s final use.

When you are carving a Hiking Stick, Staff, or Walking Stick a leather string grip is a nice finishing touch to your work. The leather wrap provides extra strength in the grip when in use.

The leather string wrap is put on after all other work is complete. It should be positioned where the most comfortable hand grip is along the length of the staff and extend several inches in either direction of the width of the hand.

You will need several yards of leather string, obtainable from any leather craft supply house. Soak the leather string in warm water for about ten minutes to get it completely soaked. Next, pat dry on a clean towel.

Starting at the top of the walking stick hold the leather string against the staff. Allow three or four extra inches to extend away from the cane at point “A”.

The leather is now pulled down the staff to pass the wrap area by several inches. Fold the leather back on itself to your beginning point. A loop has been created at the bottom of the wrap area.

Cross the leather string over the original end with point “A” and begin wrapping it around the staff. The cross over adds anchors the end during wrapping.

When you have reached the end of the wrap area insert the second end of the leather string through the loop you created in stage one.

Holding onto the end of the string at point “B” pull on the string at point”A”. The top end of the string will pull the bottom end of the string underneath the wrapped string area. This anchors and hides the joining area of the string wrap.

Allow the wrap to dry completely, over night. As it dries it will shrink and grasp firmly to your cane staff.

Once the leather string is completely dry you can cut the end strings where they touch the wrap. You now have a permanent and strong leather string wrap with no knots or ties showing.


Click here for a printable image of the wrapping process.


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