Tiki Chess Set, Beginner’s Carving Project

irish_tiki_0031Step 14: To begin creating the eye area I first need to establish the nose bridge. Using a bench knife and the push stroke I will taper the nose from 1/4 of the nose length from the nose tip towards the intersection of the two eyebrow ridge half- circles. I drop the top point of the nose at the bridge to almost level with the eye areas.

The nose bridge falls at a center point to where we will be carving the eyes.  Note in the photo that this cut is below the high point in the eye brow ridge.

For more information of the structures of the Wood Spirit face please visit our blog page:  Carving the Wood Spirit

irish_tiki_0032While I am working this area I also want to lower the forehead area, sloping it towards the top of the block, away from the brow ridge lines.

The forehead area in another great place to add decorations or new elements for your Tiki.  This is the area where the bishop’s  crowns fall and the toucan rook’s feathers appear.


irish_tiki_0035Step 15: With a pencil create an elongated half-circle in the eye area for the upper eye lid. Mark a small half-circle below this first for the eye. Take a moment and mark where you want your tooth line in the mouth.

TIP – The eyelids are an easy area to create new faces. You can use one eye lid on the top or use two – one for the top and one for the bottom lid. You can slant the straight edge of the top lid to give your Tiki emotions. If you draw a line from the top point of the nose bridge down towards the outer corner of the mouth your Tiki will look sleepy or lazy. Reverse that slant with the high side at the outer corner of the brow ridge down towards the nostrils and your Tiki becomes angry.

Try changing the sizes of your eyelids. Use a small or narrow half-circle lid on the top and an elongated, large lid on the bottom to give him baggy eyes.

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