Tiki Chess Set, Beginner’s Carving Project

irish_tiki_0071This completes the carving for the Tiki face. At this point I work another clean-up step to dress out any loose fibers, rough cuts joint lines, and to do a light sanding over the uncarved back area of the chess piece.

For my set I chose to use my wood burning tool to also do some dressing out, clean up steps. Your wood burning tool
is wonderful for adding decorative lines, dot patterns, and even small tattoos to
your Tikis.  For more about pyrography on our blog please visit: Basic Wood Burning Strokes and Textures

irish_tiki_0072After the burning steps are complete its time to add some coloring. Since mine is meant to be a chess set I chose a simple color combination of light rust for one side and deep beige for the opposing pieces. For more about how to paint your chess pieces please see our blog series: Basics to Painting.


“I hope you enjoyed this free online wood carving project.  If you have any questions please drop me an email through our “Contact Us” in the top header nav.  Thanks for letting me teach!”  L. S. Irish


Celtic knot patterns by Lora S IrishCeltic One
Celtic knot patterns, Celtic animal patterns, Celtic corners, and of course the Celtic cross, contains line designs, centerpiece motifs, corner patterns, arches, and even the Celtic cross.

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