Tiki Chess Set, Beginner’s Carving Project

irish_tiki_0064Step 27: I have added a pencil line just above the outer edge of the eye decoration rings. I want my small crown only in the front half of the chess piece, this line marks where I want to simply roll over the back of the head.




irish_tiki_0065I can roll the back of head using my bench knife a push cuts. When I am working a large rounded-over area I prefer to make a layer of cuts over the area then return and do a second, and even third cutting until I have an even, smooth roll.




irish_tiki_0067Step 28: Using the bench knife I and cutting out small triangles between the leaf points. Again, since this is cutting into the end grain I prefer to take small, narrow slices to create the final v-cut instead of trying to work the cut in one step.




irish_tiki_0068Step 29: To add just a touch of decoration I can make a chip cut in the crown point behind the leaves. Using the bench knife make a stop cut into the wood along one side of the triangle. Repeat this cut for the second side, then the third. The third cut will lift a small triangle chip from the wood.



irish_tiki_0070Step 30: Separate the leaves with a stop cut using your bench knife. Lower the wood on to outer side of each leave – the side farthest from the face. This will tuck the two side leaves under the center leaf.

Cut a stop cut along the center vein line of each leave.




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