Relief Wood Carving Canada Goose Project Part Four

Step 55: Antiquing the carving.

LSIrish-175-1352In a disposable pan mix two parts linseed oil with one part burnt umber oil paint. Add one part turpentine. You can see in LSIrish-175-1352.jpg that this is a very thin antiquing color.

Spot antique the carving area. Brush your antiquing mix onto an area about 4″ square. Work the color down into the wood burning texture of the carving. With a clean, dry cotton cloth wipe the excess antiquing from the wood. With a clean, dry stiff (ox haired) brush work the antique color to an even thin coat in the background wood area. Work out any excessive puddles of color in the deep details of the carving.

Spot antique the project until the entire carving has been worked. By this stage your cloth should be well coated with the oil paint mix. You can use the cloth to spread a light, even coat of antiquing into the remaining background areas of the plaque. Use your dry brush to even this coating even more.

Antique along the routed edges of the plaque is the same manner.

LSIrish-176-1354 LSIrish-177-1357


LSIrish-178-1358Allow the antiquing to dry overnight and finish your project by signing the back with your name and date using a permanent fine tip marker. Lightly spray the work with two more coats of polyurethane sealer.

Its ready to display!


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