Your First Carving Pattern

Your First Carving Project

YFC-044The round gouges – small, large, and sweep – create concave cuts. For our simple flower the round gouge gives the center of each petal a small bowl indent that drops the petal below the flower center. Cut this area first to drop the wood into the bowl shape then re-cut to remove the ridges left from the gouge work.

The straight chisel or skew chisel is used to round over the outer edges of the flower petals. Start these cuts along the outer edge of the petal where you made the stop cuts. Gradually move the chisel cuts toward the center of the flower to create a long, gentle roll to the petal edge.

11. Create a v-gouge stop cut to separate the petals and the flower center.

12. Using the small round gouge cut a bowl into the petals with the deepest point at the flower center. Free and lift the round gouge cuts with your bench knife.

13. Upend your large round gouge and create a small inner bowl inside the flower center.

14. Curve and shape the outer edges of the petals using the straight chisel. Round over the outer edges of the flower center with the straight chisel.

YFC-045 YFC-046 YFC-047

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