Free Form Patterns

Working with Free Form Patterns

Triangular Design Placement, Page 2

By L. S. Irish

Triangular Design Placement, Page 1
Triangular Design Placement, Page 2

Please click on any of the images for close-up enlargements.


Because we have worked to create reference points behind this free form pattern, making the design into new groupings becomes a simple task.

Note in this first sample that a rectangular shape has been created by repeating the pattern four times. The points of the triangle have been laid into the corners of the rectangle.

Using the design as one unit of a pattern means that you can create a multitude of ideas from just one design.

Here is what the pattern would look like with the reference triangle and points in place.

Here are a few more placement ideas. Click on any of the images for an enlarged pattern.



Here is a complementary pattern to our practice design that you can use to create your own repeating patterns.

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