Carving Tools Close-Up

Carving Tools Close-Up

By L.S. Irish

Here is a quick visual close-up of some of my favorite carving tools. This grouping will eventually find their way onto the work table during any carving project. The vast majority of the tools show here are between 25 and 40 years old since most are inherited from my father’s many years of wood carving. Your investment in good quality tools will last beyond your life time…

Click on the image for a close-up.


Bench Knives
Also called Straight Knifes, Slyod Knifes, and Detail Knives
Bench knives are used for stop cuts, shaving, and rounding over edges. With this one tool along fantastically detailed 3-D carvings can be created.



Straight Chisels and Skew Chisels
Used to remove large areas of background wood, crisping corners, and creating long straight planes.




Straight Gouges
Used for removing large areas of background wood and cupping or curving the surface.




Back Bent Gouges and Front Bent Gouges
Used for gouging cut along curved areas and in undercut strokes.
Great for those hard to get to places.




1111v-lg“V” Gouges
Also called “V” Point Chisels
Used for crisping corners and adding detail lines.




assort-smAssorted Knives
From left to right: Chip stab knife, Stab Knife, Front Bent Chisel, “U” Veining, Dog Leg Chisel, Dog Leg Chisel




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Carving Tools Close-Up
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