Woodcarving Basics

Of the three main negative techniques, Chip Carving is the most popular and has become an artform in itself. Through the use of a basic triangular unit, intrigue designs can be created the delight the eye.

In all art forms Mistakes Sometimes Happen. No matter how careful you are, no matter how much time you take on each carving stroke, sometime, somewhere, you will make a mistake. The knife will slip or the grain will pull your stroke off the pattern line or a high area will get broken. Just because a mistake has been made does not mean that the project needs to be scraped, there are several options for correcting miscuts in your carving.

We hope that as you explore the information throughout this primer that you to will become “hooked” on the wonderful hobby of wood carving. There are so many possibilities when you work with wood carving that this art will give you many years of pleasure and rewards.


Carving Woods
Australian Carving Woods
Glossary to Mail Order Wood

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