Marker Painted Quilt Square

A nice selection of permanent colored marking pens are a great media to express your creativity on your next quilt, pillow, or tote project.

mushroom quilt patternSupplies:

100% cotton fabric
Assorted color selection of permanent marking pens
Fine point black permanent marking pen
1″ wide masking tape
clip board
printed pattern – Mushroom Wood Spirits

Do a test square on the fabric you will be using before you begin painting your quilt square.  Some brands of colored permanent marking pens can make other brands bleed.

1.  Begin by choosing a pale color fabric.  You can use a solid, tone on tone, and even a pale  colored print.  Cut your fabric to the size of your quilt pattern instructions plus 2″ on the wide and 2″ on the length.

2. Tape your printed pattern to the center of your clip board.  Center the fabric square over the pattern, fold the excess fabric to the back of the clip board and using masking tape secure the sides. You will see the printed pattern lines through the fabric.

3.  Permanent markers not only come in a nice, wide range of colors they are also available is several sizes of pen tip widths.  For my mushroom tote and quilt square owl I used medium sized tip points for the main coloring and a fine point black marker for my outlining and detailing.

mushroom_04Since the marking pen colors are translucent some of the color of the fabric will effect the final color of each area of your painting.  If you are working on a pale green fabric with a bright yellow marker the area will become a bright yellow-green color.  You can use a scrap of your fabric as a test square for each color that you want to use.

4.  Begin each area with your palest color, then add layers of gradually darker colors to create realistic shading and gradual changes in color.  You can work several layers of marker color over one area, allowing each area to dry for a few moments to intensify the final color tone.

5.  Complete all of the color work then let your fabric dry thoroughly.  Now use the black fine point marking pen to add your details, outlines, and to sign your artwork.

6.  Set your colored art using a dry, cotton setting on your iron.  That’s all you need to do to turn any pattern into an original painted quilt square.

When you get your’s done I would love to see it!!!!!

My sample is worked on a finished block size of 8″ x 11″ with 2 1/2″ orange boarders.  The Sides of the tote were cut at 3 1/2″.

mushroom patterns by Lora S Irish owl_02

These two samples are ready to become quick, fun throw pillows.
Retro Owls

Eileen dropped us an email attachment this week, Oct. 2014, with photos of her version of the Wood Spirit Tote Bag.  I admitted when I wrote here back that I was envious of the wonderful job she did.  She has granted us permission to share her work with you.

Thanks so much, I really appreciate that you like it and of course you can post it – I’m attaching my first ever quilt that I’ve made that will be given away this week at church, its not prize worthy but I think it turned out pretty good for my first try. For the mushroom I had to do all acrylic paints cause I couldn’t get my markers to spread – tell you Mom (a long time quilter) not to look to closely -lol-” Eileen

If you would like to share you latest project using a L. S. Irish pattern, please drop us a line.

Eileen_mushroom Eileen_quilt

cp125_300_01Wood spirits are usually trees, tree trunks, and branches.  But this set of wood spirits are small mushrooms that live on the forest floor.  Enjoy creating your next craft project using an Army Mushroom Spirit, a Doctor Mushroom Spirit, a Mother and her Little Ones Mushroom Spirit, and even a Butterfly and Mushroom Spirit.  Great for pyrography, painted quilting, and wood carving.  Mushroom Spirits Pattern Package.

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