Simple Dry Brushing for Wood Carving and Pyrography

Free dry brushing project for your wood carving.Step 4: It is more common to work a dry brushing light over dark. If we were painting a wood spirit I would first base coat with honey gold, medium yellow, and maybe even a little Payne’s grey. After that dries I would antique the carving with a burnt umber or raw umber tone. This gives me a dark, multi-colored base. The dry brushing would be done using paler tones – sienna, tan, cream, and lots of white in the beard.

Turtle shells are backwards, they have a creamy yellow tone to the v-gouge shell section lines with color tones into the dark browns and blacks of the high area of each section.

So on your palette add a small puddle of wedgwood green, medium-dark brown, and black.

Lightly load your flat shader in wedgewood green. Move the brush onto a clean area of the palette and re-work the color into the brush bristles until it looks as if there is no color left. Place the shader flat to the high areas of the carving and drag the brush across the wood surface. This is leave just the high areas colored.

The photo is very accurate to the amount of color left in my brush when I go to the carving.



Free dry brushing project for your wood carving.Let the Wedgewood green dry for a few minutes, just enough time for it to lose any shine. Follow with a dry brush coating of medium-dark brown, but do not cover all of the wedgwood green areas, The final color to be added is carbon black which should not cover up all of the other two colors.

You can continue adding layer upon layer of colors using dry brushing.


Free dry brushing project for your wood carving.Step 5: Allow the painting to dry thoroughly and finish with two light coats of spray sealer. Cut, file, and glue in your legs and head. Using small (3mm) wood jasper beads add glued on eyes.



Basics to Painting:

Elk and Wildlife Patterns by Lora IrishElk Wood Carving Patterns by Lora Irish, available at Art Designs Studio.  Long lost from the East Coast of North America,today the Elk or Wapiti roam freely throughout the Mid-West, Western Mountains, and Canada.This package is stuffed with Elk Bulls with full racks.There is a sampling of American Indian artifacts used as a backdrop to the designs including a Birch Bark Canoe, Summer Teepee Camp, and Totem Poles. Great for Woodburning!


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