Simple Blending with Acrylic Craft Paints


How to paint perfect circles on your fish decoys by Lora IrishStep 12: With a new (unused) eraser, make a perfect little circle of white for the eyes of your Whittle Fish. Touch the eraser into the paint, test on your palette, then apply to the carving. Repeat for the second eye.

SECRET – Just about anything can be used as a stamp in our painting – soda straws, brush handles, paper clips, cut pieces of thin cardboard. Those stamps make repeating a painted shape very easy and very even.


How to paint perfect circles on your fish decoys by Lora IrishMy larger dot did not completely cover in the center of the dot, but I have a very nice circle shape along the edge. So I can use a small round brush to pull the color already applied to evenly coat the center section.





Scroll Saw Halloween Patterns by Lora IrishScroll Saw Halloween Patterns, exclusive wood carving patterns by Lora S Irish, available only at Art Designs Studio.  Enjoy 21 scroll saw and paper cut-out Halloween decoration patterns, perfect for pumpkin carving. Package includes five bats, three black cats, five spiders, three haunted houses, a flying broom witch, a line of ghosts, a pumpkin trio line, and a three layer scroll saw witch and cauldron scene. Ready for your next DIY craft project.




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