Paint Kit Supplies for Painting Your Wood Carving

Each project in this series by Lora S. Irish, Basics to Painting, will have its own supply list.  In this free carving and pyrography project we will take a quick look at the general supplies you will use in any painting session.  These supplies are valuable whether you are a woodcarver, pyrographer, or gourd artist.

paint supplies used in wood carvingPaint Colors:

Which every media of paint you choose you will need at least a basic range of colors.   Every kit needs the three primary colors – cadmium red, cadmium yellow, and ultramarine blue.  These are the pure color hues from which all other colors are mixed.  You also need to add titanium white, carbon black, and a dark brown – either burnt umber or raw umber so that you can create the tonal values of each color hue.

For an in-depth look at color theory please visit our tutorial: The Color Wheel, Who Is R. G. Biv?

If you will be using pre-mixed colors add to the basic pure hues a few mid-toned colors as cadmium orange, hooker green, and dioxide purple.  With craft acrylic paints you can fill out a complete color range for pale to dark tones at little cost and allows you to re-use or duplicate coloring easily.


assorted brushes used to paint your wood carving or pyrography projectBrushes:

Wood is terribly rough on paint brushes; it ruins their edge and simple wears them away.  So I use inexpensive synthetic paint brush sets and throw them into my scrub brush jar when they start to lose their shape.  The photo shows two sets that I am using through this teaching.  Both came from WalMart at about $6.00 per set … cheap disposables!

You need at least a 1/2″ or 1/4″ flat shader, #2 or #4 round, a #2 or #4 filbert round, a #2 China liner, and a small detail brush.  As your brushes wear out, move them to your antiquing kit where they can be used to scrub in coatings of oil or acrylic coloring used to stain the detail of your carving.


 Working Space:

To protect your table or workspace use a thick layer of newspaper covered with one layer of paper towels.  Many of our colors are permanent and can ruin your kitchen table.  A plastic placemat works very well and is easy to clean.


how to paint your wood carving or pyrography project, taught by L S IrishOther painting tools:

Although we most often think of paint brushes as the means to color our projects you can also use some common household items.

Toothbrush – can be used as a splatter brush to cover a painted surface with a mist of fine dots.

Soda straw – the edge can be dipped into the paint to make perfect circles, or cut in half to make fish scales.

Lightweight cardboard – can be cut, dipped and used to make perfect, small, straight lines.

Transparent tape – can be used to secure your pattern and as a masking agent to protect an area from coloring.

Pencil – the eraser end makes perfect large dots, a blunt pencil tip makes small dots.


how to stain your wood carving or pyrography project by L S IrishAssorted tools:

Scissors – for cutting patterns and tape.

Paper plates – quick disposable palettes.

Small plastic cups – used as media mixing pans and as water bowls.

Soft cloth – used for antiquing and polishing acrylic paints.

Latex Gloves – to protect your hands from oil paints and fabric dyes.


Basics to Painting:

exclusive Lora S. Irish dragon patternsExclusive Lora S. Irish line art pattern package, available only at
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