Dry Brushed Acrylics over Oil Stain for Wood Carvings

Working with oil stains in your wood carvingsDry brushing can be worked in two ways – light acrylic colors over a dark oil stain or dark acrylic colors over a pale oil stain.  For our Whittle Bird I am using a dark oil stain to antique the crevices of the wood carving details with paler acrylic colors dry brushed across the high ridges of those carving strokes.

The acrylic craft colors, although lighter than the antique  are worked from the darkest dry brushing color to the palest, with several different colors in each area.

Working with oil stains in your wood carvingsStep 7: On your palette add a puddle each of honey brown and ivory acrylic craft paint. Lightly load a large flat shader, or you can continue using your filbert, with honey gold. Dry brush honey gold over the v-gouge feathers on the top back of the bird. Repeat this step using ivory.



Working with oil stains in your wood carvingsStep 8: With a lightly loaded brush of honey gold add color to the sides of the bird. This area will fall under the copper wing and although not worked over a detail carved area is applied as a dry brushing stroke.




Working with oil stains in your wood carvingsStep 9: Now it is time to paint the head area on both the top and bottom by dry brushing it with black acrylic.



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