China Painting with Acrylics for Wood Carving

wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishStep 6: I have used the large, 1/2″, shader to add a little sky blue coloring in the face area of the fish. This blue stops at the bottom edge of the gills but flows back into the flower area at the top of the head. A second coating along the outer edges of the gills deeps the blue.




wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishStep 7: Mix a drop of nutmeg brown with the sky blue to make a muddy blue tone. Re-shade the facial area. Using my brush tip to create a ragged dot add small spots of nutmeg brown and carbon black to the lower sides of the gill. Paint the eye with carbon black and add a small outer ring of white with a soda straw. Fine white brush handles dots have been worked over the flower center, and a few China Doll fine lines added to the petals. To finish this painting I added small muddy blue leaves in the body background around the carved design.


LSIrish-2029Step 8: Let your fish dry overnight. You can leave him as he is as you don’t need to seal the wood because of the pretreatment with the linseed oil mix. You can apply a new coating of the linseed oil mix, wipe after 10 minutes then allow to dry overnight, buff well the next morning. This technique can also be finished with two light coats of spray sealer.

Step 9: Cut, file, and insert your copper fins, he is ready to display.


Basics to Painting:

fishing lure carving patternsFishing Lures Wood Carving Pattern Package by Lora S Irish is available at Art Designs StudioFishing Lures Pattern Package 38 fishing lures, fishing flies and bobbers are featured in this pattern package. This pack contains 2 large 3 piece designs, 5 lure and bobber string designs, and 5 full pages of fishing decoy lures. Great for Pyrography!


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