China Painting with Acrylics for Wood Carving

wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishStep 3: Begin your painting steps as soon as you have finished the second oil wiping. On a palette place a small puddle of your yellow, orange, red, maroon, pale green, and medium green.





wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishStep 4: Dampen your large shader in water, then blot any excess water from the bristles on a paper towel. Lightly load your brush with the golden yellow. Paint two light coats of yellow to the petals of the flowers. Your first coat will be thin and semi-transparent, the second coat will give it more solidity but you will still be able to see the grain lines of the wood.




wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishStep 5: Load your brush with pale burnt orange, blot it once on a paper towel so that you are carrying a very small amount of paint. Apply the burnt orange to the low side of each petal to create a shadow. Brush over this a couple of times to blend the orange into the yellow areas. Repeat this step with the Cardinal red to deepen the shadow tones where one petal touches another.



wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishMove on to the leaves using first the pale green then shading the leaves in the Wedgwood green where they touch the flower and along the center leaf vein.




wood carved fish decoy by Lora IrishMaroon is used to fill the flower centers. With your brush handle add small dots of maroon along the outer edge of the flower center and pull a few fold lines into each petal with a China Doll liner.





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