Basics to Painting for Pyrography and Wood Carving


I am going to take you through the very basic steps to painting your carving. These same techniques can be used on your pyrography projects and gourds. There are no surprise instructions here or secret techniques, just the basics that will help you create a strong, clean painting each and every time.

My sample projects have been worked on a Whittle Fish decoy. These are quick, easy, and very innovative little carvings that can be adapted to all of the painting styles that we will explore.

Basics to Painting Projects:

Acrylics over Linseed Oil (top, first on left)
Detressed Vintage Painting (top, second from left)
Cheat Painting (top, third left)
Dry Brushing Acrylics over Oil Stain (top, fourth left)
Marblizing (bottom, first left)
Simple Acrylic Blending (bottom, middle)
Dry Brushing Darks over Lights (bottom, right)

The supply list will be given with each Whittle Fish project.




Wood Carving and Burning Painting Supplies

Paint Kit Supplies

Steps to Success

Burnishing your Wood Carving


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