Pyrography Leather Boot Belt Project, Part Two

Step 7: Outline the Blocks

Again, holding your pen tip in an upright position create a fine line around each square.  Add a small fine dot between each square along the top and bottom of the pattern.




Step 8:  Cleaning Your Boot Belt

Use a document cleaning pad, synthetic all-purpose eraser, or a white artist’s eraser to remove any tracing lines or pencil marks of your finished boot belt.  Remove the erasing dust with a dry, lint-free cloth.  Brush two to three light coats of satin acrylic leather sealer to the vegetable-tanned side of your belt.

There are few products that I feel are a ‘must have’ for any pyrographer and the document cleaning pad is one.  The pad contains acid-free, ground eraser particles that clean into the finest of lines without damaging your paper, wood, leather, or gourd and without effecting your burned lines.

And you boot belt is ready to decorate your favorite pair of winter, cowboy, or suede boots!

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