Pyrography Leather Boot Belt Project, Part One

Side Bar: Working with Rivets 

Rivets can be used to secure your buckle into the folded leather belt blank.  Measure and mark the center point across the width of your belt blank on both sides of the buckle slot 1 ½” (38mm) to 1 ¾” (44.5mm) from the slot edge.   Cut a hole at each center guide mark using a rotary punch set to the punch that fits the width of your rivet post.

Single capped and double capped rivets come in two parts.  The female part sets into the hole on the tanned side of the leather.  The male part is inserts into the hole on the raw hide side of the leather, and then set into the hole in the female part.  Rest the female part in the rivet anvil.  The raw hide side and male rivet part will face up.  Place the rivet setter into the opening of the male rivet part and with the flat side of a ball peen hammer set the rivet.


Step 16: Double Stitching

We have posted an in-depth step-by-step project on double stitching leather. Leather Purse Pyrography, Double-Needle Stitching

Cut a 20” (508mm) length of waxed linen stitching thread.  Thread a harness needle on each end of the thread.    Double-needle stitch the stitching line at the base of the buckle.



Step 17: Double Stitch Threading

End your stitching on the back side of the belt by sliding the needle through the back layer of leather.  Cut the thread, allowing about ½” (13mm) of extra cord.  Tuck the extra cord under the back flap.  Repeat for the second double stitching thread.




Step 18: Adding the Belt Keeper

Slide the belt keeper onto the belt and center it between the two buckle stitching awl lines.  You can purchase metal belt keepers that match your buckle, or you can cut and stitch your own using the same leather as your belt.  Using waxed linen thread, double stitch along the second stitching line.

You can create your own belt keeper with a ¼” (6mm) to 3/16” (5mm) wide strip of your belt leather by the width measurement of your belt plus 3/8” (10mm) and use a belt keeper staple to join the cut ends.

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