cow pattern wood carving basics pyrography

Wood Burning Animal Fur and Hair

cow pattern wood carving pyrography basics

Step 7: A quick look at what we have done.

1. Find the clumps of hair in your pattern and trace those, not the individual hairs.
2. Shadow and shape the hair clumps gradually to create many color tones in the animals body or face.
3. Find some areas of hair that will be almost black in tone and others that will remain the white of the wood to add drama.
4. Add individual hairs in the last steps of the burning. Use more in the dark areas and almost none in the very palest areas.
5. Cut fine line hairs into the darkest areas using a v-gouge carving tool.

And remember … Cows don’t own or use combs or brushes. Let your individual hairs cross, change directions and even be a touch wild to create a realistic look to your portrait.


The pattern for this tutorial is offered
courtesy of Art Designs Studio
For Personal Use Only


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