Coloring Wood Burned Projects

A shadow coat for each of these colors has been added.  Along the collar is a second coating of Cadmium Yellow.  The hat has a second coat of Cadmium Red  to all areas except the hat ribs.  The gray is made more intense throughout the hair areas.  For a very strong look to the coloring a third and fourth coat could have been added, our sample is just two coats of color per area.

coloring wood carving

Since there is no true white watercolor for highlights and white areas change to Titanium White acrylic.  Use this exactly as you have the watercolor, heavily mixed with water and in light successive coats.  White is added around the eyes, face highlights, shirt, collar badge and hat number.

At this point every area that was wood burned now has a coating of watercolor.  Note how clear the dark areas inside the hat, around the back of the collar, and in the face are.

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