Basic Woodburning Strokes and Textures

Background and solid fill patterns

solid fill pyrography patternsFor many areas in a pyrography project we need to completely fill an area with a solid burn.  That area may be one tonal value or a graduated shading.  There are several excellent pen tip stroke patterns that are best suited to solid fill texture work.

Tightly packed fine lines, scrubbie stroke, and touch-and-lift dot patterns are favorite textures to use to create even, smooth coloration.

The sample board, shown on the right, was worked on a 9″ square of birch plywood using the Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool.  Each row shows a different solid fill texture pattern, worked through a low to high temperature setting.

The top row is worked with the universal tip, which is the equivalent to a ball or loop tip pen, and uses tightly packed straight lines.

Row two also uses the universal tip, used slightly angled to the board, in a scrubbie -quickly back-and-forth – doodle line.
Row three was worked with Walnut Hollow wide, round pen tip and uses the scrubbie stroke.
For the forth line of solid fill texture I used the cone pen tip, again with tightly, packed fine line work.
The last row is worked one square with each tip for a touch-and-lift dot pattern.

The floral pattern on this Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool practice board comes in our Wood Flowers Pattern Pack.

solid fill pyrographyA fun sample of solid fill work is our Medallion Dragon board, worked from my Medallion Dragons Pattern Pack, available at   The background is worked on birch plywood using a tightly packed scrubbie stroke with the spear shader and on a medium-high temperature setting.  The solid fill areas inside of the dragon’s body uses the cross hatching line pattern worked with a curved shader on a medium temperature setting to evenly fill these areas with sepia tones.  The shaded wings also is worked on a medium temperature setting with a looped tip pen and the scrubbie stroke.


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