Basket Essentials – Rib Basket Weaving

Basket Essentials – Rib Basket Weaving
Published by Fox Chapel Publishing
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Let’s look inside the pages

Rib Basket Weaving200 pages with lots and lots of
Step-by-Step photos.

Rib Basket Weaving
Also called hip baskets, egg baskets, fanny baskets,
granny baskets, potato baskets, and
Appalachian baskets.

Rib Basket Weaving

Rib Basket WeavingThree in-depth projects,
about 20 pages of photos and instructions each.
12 small basket instructions with diagrams.

Rib Basket Weaving12 Beginning Knots and Eyes
with full step-by-step photos

Double X, Double Bow, God’s Eye, Braided God’s Eye,
Two-Point Lashing with Collar, Three-Point Lashing,
Half God’s Eye, Three-Spoke Lashing with X Pattern,
Three-Spoke Lashing with Bar Pattern,
Multi-Spoke Lashing, Wheel,
God’s Eye/Half God’s Eye Combo,
Double Bow/Half God’s Eye Combo,
Reed Spline Lashing

Rib Basket WeavingPhotos … Did I say lots and lots of photos.

Rib Basket WeavingWeaving Techniques

Rib Basket WeavingHow to compensate using short rows.

Rib Basket WeavingDiagrams

Rib Basket WeavingAnd, of course, a huge bunch of rib basket ideas that you  can create at home

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