Doodle Day #5 – Wooden Spoon Burning Patterns

Doodle Day #5 – Wooden Spoon Burning Patterns

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Suggested Supply List:

Tea and Coffee Spoons, 5″ long, 12 pack

Oval Spoons, 12″ long, 12 pack

Bath Salts Scoop, 20 pack, 3″ long

Walnut Hollow Creative Tool 



Wooden spoons make great projects for any pyrographer.  The small bowls, front and back, of the spoon can become your background for these free doodle patterns.

Most manufactured spoons are made from bamboo, beechwood, birch, or poplar – all woods that are excellent for our wood burning.

Since your pattern work is burned – scorched – directly into the wood the design that you create becomes a permanent part of that kitchen utensil.

Happily as wood burners we are not limited to just spoons.  Spatulas, forks, knives, and even rolling pins make great pyrography backgrounds.


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