Art of Spoon Carving

Art of Spoon Carving

Art of Spoon Carving

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A few simple additions to your spoon carving project will make you work stand out from the crowd.

This right-handed stirring spoon, worked from a 1″ thick, 3″ wide, 12″ long basswood blank, features a small scroll line and leave design that has been relief carved with gentle roll-over edges.

To make the relief designs snap off the spoon handle a 3/8″ round gouge was used to texture the background area behind the scroll and leaves.  Cut very shallow gouge marks that follow the grain of the handle.

Ears on either side of the top of the spoon bowl add a little extra touch to the joint area where the bowl transitions into the handle.

This wonderful Holiday present is perfect for any chief in your family and takes only one or two evenings of carving to create.

Learn more about spoon carving in the Art of Spoon Carving by Lora S. Irish.




The Art of Spoon CarvingWood carving is coming back into style, and making kitchen utensils is among the easiest ways to learn the craft. This beautifully illustrated guide by master woodcrafter Lora S. Irish teaches the basics of wooden spoon carving.

Perfect for beginners, the book presents 12 step-by-step projects that illustrate a variety of historic carving styles.
A selection of mix-and-match patterns offer suggestions for creating dozens of unique designs for spoons and other implements — forks, ladles, dippers, spatulas, knives, pie servers, and scoops. In addition to clear, detailed directions accompanied by helpful drawings, inspiring photographs illustrate decorative ideas for using the carved spoons in kitchen wreaths, centerpieces, and other ornaments.

A great gift for crafters seeking a new hobby, this book is loaded with stylish designs for handmade treasures.

“Incredible full color photographs detail each step in creating this classic art-form. Learn what you need to know about carving sets, knives, and what type of wood is best to start out with. You are going to love The Art of Spoon Carving. Get a copy today.” — Texas Kitchen and Garden and More”


Art of Spoon Carving

Click on the free image below for a full-sized printable Lora S Irish free spoon carving pattern