Free Wood Carving Santa Ornament Pattern

free wood carving santa patternI know that August has just begun and that it is still a month before the kids go back to school, but this is the perfect time to start collecting the patterns and projects that you will want to work this fall.

This “Oh So Easy Santa Ornament” is a great beginner’s project and a real quick carve for any advanced carver.  He takes only two carving knifes – a bench knife and a v-gouge.  Make a dozen or more, place them in a basket of straw with a few extra Christmas balls and have them ready and at hand to give away as instant Holiday gifts!


Estimated Carving Time: less than 2 hours

Estimated Painting Time: 1/2 hour

free wood carving santa patternSupplies:

bench knife or large chip carving knife
sharpening tools
1″ x 1″ x 4″ basswood block
320-grit sandpaper
Acrylic craft paints
titanium white
burnt sienna
cadmium orange
deep cadmium red
Acrylic or polyurethane spray sealer
20-gauge copper wire
16-gauge copper wire

free Lora Irish wood carving pattern

Please, check in often as Lora is doing her yearly pattern closet cleaning!  Lots of free wood carving and pyrography patterns are headed your way.