pyrography doodle project by Lora Irish

Pyrography Doodles #6

Let’s finish up the pyrography wood burning steps for our Doodle Mushroom design.  During these steps we will fill the large mushroom’s stem, work the foreground mushrooms, and then work a general check of the work accomplished.


Please drop by our carving and pyrography pattern website, Art Designs Studio, to get your free mushroom pyrography patterns that complement this project.  The pattern package is on our home page.  The links to the previous posts for this free project are below.

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Pyrography Doodle Mushroom, step 12Step 12: Pattern Fill the Stem

The large mushroom stem uses a large flower design with a curve-sectioned center, a ring of small spirals, and then layers of serrated petals.  Use the serrated petals to fill the space between your flowers.





Pyrography Doodle Mushroom, step 13Step 13: Working the Front Mushrooms

Follow the doodle pattern placement guide and work the foreground mushrooms.  Use a dark-medium setting throughout this burn.





Pyrography Doodle Mushroom, step 14Step 14: Finishing the Shading

Check your shading to strengthen any area that needs deeper tonal value work.  Also check your doodle patterns for tonal value.  You can re-burn any doodle pattern to add more value, if needed.


Tomorrow we will do the finishing steps to turn this Pyrography Doodle Mushroom wood burning into a desktop note board or kitchen recipe board.  See you then and thank you for reading.